Sacramento Rhinoplasty Surgery

Sacramento Rhinoplasty Surgery


The surgical anatomy behind a nasal reconstruction surgery can be complicated, especially for someone with no knowledge of rhinoplasty surgical procedures. Let’s learn a little bit about how the human nose functions as a sensory organ.

The human nose is complied with three types of tissue:

Osseo-Cartilaginous – this is the basic support framework (skeleton of the nasal area)

Mucous Membrane Lining

External Skin

These three components create a graceful blend of curves, convexities, and depressions to for the nose.

The nose can be divided into nasal subunits for even further explanation. These include the Midline, the Nose-Tip, the Dorsum, the Soft Triangles, the Lateral Walls, and the Alar Lobules. Please refer to the image below to identify where these nasal subunits rest within the overall nose.

Sacramento Rhinoplasty Surgery

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